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ALU6060 Down light

ALU6060 Down & Up light

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ALU6060 Down light

Diameter (mm) Watt Lumen

450MM 18W 1600LM

660MM 19W 1700LM

900MM 28W 2500LM

1060MM 31W 2700LM

1200MM 38W 3300LM

1560MM 47W 4100LM

1860MM 57W 4900LM

2060MM 63W 5400LM

2460MM 75W 6500LM

3060MM 94W 8100LM

3660MM 113W 9700LM

4060MM 126W 11000LM

4560MM 141W 13000LM

5060MM 157W 14000LM

(1) Using high quality Aluminum Profile as housing, can be curved with any radiam;

(2) Attractive design, seamless connection;

(3) Detachable and durable PC cover, effiency up to 100lm/W;

(4) PCB LED board inside, simple electric connection, easier installation;

(5) Branded driver built-in: LIFUD;

(6) Dimming optional: 0-10V / Triac / DALI Dimming;

(7) 5 Years Warranty.

Circular LED Linear Light

Widely Appication:
Office, hotel, lobby, university and etc.

A: Pendant

D: Recessed

C: Ceiling

B: Pendant with canopy

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